The Dawning of the Digital Era

We have created a new era: the era of digitization. You can see the changes happening all around us -people walking down the sidewalk spending more attention to their particular cell phones than to the road signs, billboards and even the people they are jogging with. iPods as well as kindles have captivated the time spent on trains and planes, although iPhones and androids attract up what remaining time we have in between meetings and during ads while we watch well known TV shows. Our era has developed an attention span waklert that is continuously decreasing, as we discover more and more ways to download information that we seek out, and faster than in the past.

As creatures interesting, we have since the beginning of man, searched to discover answers. Answers to questions like: why are we here? What does the long run hold? Is there a the almighty? The search for truth is what drives the human nature, and the pursuit of information is what keeps our souls alive. How would you react if you could will no longer ask questions?

Our brains are a sponge to new information, and there appears to be no limit around the amount of input we could absorb. As a result, we continue to upload data into our internal processors every waking second. The only limiting factor is how quickly we can access new, meaningful content, which captures our interest. 15 years ago, publications, newspapers and paper back books were our only means of uploading information. This usually required a trip to the book store or newsstand. Today, we now have smartphones, iPads, and also laptops, which can immediately deliver the content we're seeking in the blink of an eye.

It's no secret that produce is dying. My personal subscription to the New York Times is now a maximum of a doormat in order to my apartment, and what few magazines I actually do own seem to are better as coasters on my coffee table than as a source of valuable information. How come I care about media articles written a week ago, or even last night if I can find articles composed 2 hours ago or perhaps 2 minutes ago on my mobile phone? It's tough for me to see a long term for the print industry, yet still, people appear to blindly believe there'll always be a newspaper inside their front door in the morning once they wake up.

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